We are Henry, Jeremy & Jennifer and we stumbled on the idea to watch these shows while falling down a childrens TV rabbit hole on Youtube. I blame the pandemic.

Henry is hundreds of years old and is a certifiable grumpy old man with a complicated relationship with childrens television, being obsessed with some of it and repulsed by a lot of it.

Jeremy is an old man in the body of a much younger one and is a self confessed music nerd. He is also quietly bemused by what older generations had to watch as children.

Jennifer is the voice of reason, brought to the podcast out of exasperation at listening to the other two waffle on. She also remembers what it was like to only have 3 channels to watch.

Our most excellent logo was created by superb artist and generally all-round good guy, Glen Stone Illustration. If you'd like to check out his work and get in touch just click on the link below!



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