Dec. 5, 2020

Episode 10: Fireman Sam Show Notes


  • His alarm clock has blue flashing lights on it
  • Sound mix is off in the intro
  • What is with the helmet putting on machine?!
  • This song is lasting too long
  • They are all ventriloquists
  • Why did we have a close up of the licence plate?
  • I’m loving the sets
  • Elvis is a moron
  • Doesn’t he have some work to do?
  • This is hardly exciting stuff is it?
  • That’s your own bloody fault you twat
  • It is only a sodding kite; they are acting like it was a child
  • Ok, the arm thing was funny
  • Why is Sam the only one with any brains?
  • Veerrrrrry simple end credits


  • That intro is the sound of Britain in the 80s
  • His engines bright and green? (clean)
  • Ponty Pandy
  • Sam looks like a potato
  • Ooph Bella…
  • Sugarlumps
  • Steady on? He’s got right of way
  • Elvis is already annoying
  • Nails on a chalkboard
  • Jupiter
  • Please don’t be so dramatic
  • I bet they’re so bored in a small Welsh town being firemen that they have to rescue a kite
  • Whattt is he doing
  • Ok well closing thoughts, this was entertaining?
  • The boss is a twat
  • The new episodes are disgusting